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The kitchen is undeniably the heart and soul of our home. Here we prepare our favorite dishes that give us energy for the whole day. It’s understandable that we want our kitchen to look good best modular. Basically every kitchen has the potential for storage, presentation and function.

Hitech offers a total solution for your kitchen needs.With beautiful design, elegant furniture and plenty of storage space, our modular kitchens offer housewives great comfort and convenience. In our experience, our fitted kitchens have increased the productivity of kitchen users and made cooking a pleasure.

Our modular kitchen designs have also enhanced the kitchen in terms of utility and aesthetics. For us, a well thought-out fitted kitchen is above all a lot of storage space, organized in a small space.

The fitted kitchens adapt to your kitchen in one of the following models: U, L, G, island, straight, parallel or mezzanine.

Solid wood, plywood or MDF, Hitech kitchen solutions give your kitchen a very ordinary look. The modular kitchens can be divided into nominal and high.

BWR plywood and laminate with a variety of different finishes such as high gloss finish, matte finish, fabric finish, wood grain, pattern etc. They are considered cheap and within your nominal budget. For kitchens on a larger budget, you can choose plywood with a polyurethane, acrylic or membrane coating.PU Polish gives the kitchen a luxurious look and is available in a variety of matte and gloss colors.

SLEEK Stainless steel accessory list is used in our modular kitchens for most utensils and cutlery. Some of the accessories used are perforated cutlery drawer, smooth basket, thali basket, drawer basket, detachable universal oil pan, detachable basket, etc. Microwave, tray GTPT with drainer, etc., D corner tray, mobile corner, double stainless steel pocket emptier, double corner tray, Cutlery tray, cup and saucer holder, single spice rack, double spice rack, etc.

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