Anyone looking for a tableware set for everyday use will never go wrong with melamine. It’s very versatile in looks and uses and you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to complement your existing decor.

Suppose you like the look of china and china tableware but are hesitant about the price. If so, a melamine dinner set can imitate porcelain and realize your home decor vision without costing much.

Alternatively, if you like the rustic look of ceramic but are concerned about chipping, you can recreate the look you want with melamine to create a more durable dinnerware set.

Bone China or stoneware for everyday use as they are versatile, practical and durable.

For industrial environments you can choose cool colors like silver, brass or slate blue.

For indoor and outdoor dining, melamine can be just what you need.

To complement a contemporary setting, you can opt for clean yet bold styles in a simple color palette.

For a bohemian-inspired look, opt for geometric prints and bright colors.

tableware material Stoneware

What is the best material for formal tableware?

When shopping for the best and most durable tableware material for a formal dinner, china and bone china are the most commonly used tableware materials. Although they come at a high price, they add a touch of luxury, making them a worthwhile investment to enhance your home decor.

However, if you are buying dinnerware on a budget, melamine and ceramic dinnerware sets can be perfect for formal parties.Go for an updated style and make sure you choose additional formal dinnerware for a more formal dinner.

These items include bread plates, salad plates, butter dishes, tureens, cups and saucers. Assuming you are presenting a large quantity of food, purchase additional items such as fruit and dessert plates, pitcher, teapot and gravy boat. With additional elements, your dining table will be up to the task even with inexpensive materials.

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How do you find the best dinner service for you?

To ensure you select the best tableware material for your needs, consider the following:

  1. If you enjoy entertaining, choose casual tableware and formal tableware.
  2. For ordinary dishes, choose microwave, oven and dishwasher safe options.
  3. Depending on the number of people you are feeding, choose between the traditional sets of 12 or 8 for a small gathering.
  4. Choose shapes and colors that reflect the style of your interior. Below is a quick cheat sheet:
    • Mid-Century Modern – Opt for minimalist designs with sleek lines.
    • Scandinavian – Go for functionality and simplicity where gray and white tones are perfect.
    • Industrial – Opt for metallic accents and distressed finishes.
    • Solid – Opt for the wood grain found in melamine, you can opt for a beige base and white color scheme. You can choose a light yellow or turquoise color to emphasize this interior style.
    • Nautical – Choose sand, white or blue accents.
    • Bohemian – Choose a carefree, rich but vibrant dinner service.
    • Shabby Chic – Choose soft and milky colors like pastel and white.

Once you’ve decided on your tableware, it’s time to take a look at the different options available. These include:

tableware material traditional placemate

  • a). Traditional Placemats

These sets can contain multiple settings to cover the entire dining table. Most of these sets are 20-piece sets, suitable for four people. This includes a dinner plate, salad plate, cup and saucer for each place setting.

  • b). Official Dinnerware Sets

Official dinnerware sets are often sold as complete sets, including all the items a person needs at the table. Hence, it is perfect for individuals or couples building their tableware collections.

Most cutlery consists of five parts: dinner plate, bread plate, salad plate or dessert plate, cup and saucer. In addition, some dinner services may include a bowl.

  • c). Open Dinner Set

The Open Dinner Set is sold piece by piece and is suitable for those who only need a few pieces or like to mix and match their collection. While purchasing individual items can be more expensive than purchasing an entire kit, it can be cheaper to replace or add individual items to a freely available kit.

Alternatively, you can buy a white dinnerware that works in both formal and everyday situations. You can then decorate the set with accessories such as chargers, bed linen and pads.

You can also use accessories like napkins to add character and color to a neutral table. Accessories can also tone down colorful or patterned tableware.

What is the best tableware material for everyday use?
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